About Us

The time was 15:00GMT when we arrived at the site, it was an uncompleted shop with a tiny washroom and the client was a manufacturer of high end security doors and windows from China. They briefed us on their design specifications and as we discussed their needs we recognized a gap in the market. There was no company that provided 360 design, build and marketing solutions in the country. This is the origin story of Young Black Excellence LLC.

The name, Young Black Excellence (YBE ) LLC was inspired by three core beliefs. As millennials in an industry dominated by the older generation, we faced numerous challenges because prospects presumed we were too Young to be in the industry and time and time again we have proved them wrong. Yes! We are Young but youth offers us a strategic advantage to perceive things differently and offer creative and practical solutions for today’s problems.

As an all Ghanaian owned business, we pride ourselves in our history and culture as Black people. We strongly believe that only through the ingenuity of the African will Africa’s problems be solved. Since our creation, we have done numerous projects including a community library and a beach clean up as a way to give back to society.

Excellence as the word suggests shows our teams dedication to going beyond what is expected and delivering the best to our clients. These three core beliefs have served as the foundation for our organizational culture.

Our vision for YBE LLC is to create a business model that has two defining characteristics:

  1. An infinite time horizon company that will continue to operate forever, serving the world as a whole. This long-term goal has been a guiding force in most of our decision making at YBE LLC forcing us to be as honest as possible with clients. As a result, we have turned down numerous projects that would have yielded quick returns but in the long term would have been damaging to the community. Rigorous honesty is the only way to achieve this goal and we strive as a business to be as open as possible to our stakeholders and clients.
  2. People centric business model that puts clients, employees and people first. It is a well known fact that great client experience drives business growth and success. What most companies fail to acknowledge is that the people behind the delivery (and even those who will be affected by the service rendered ) of that customer experience must also come first. We seek to put humanity at the forefront of all our projects and this is also stated clearly in our vision for the company and our strong use of renewable and ecofriendly materials for construction.

Our Unique Process

We pride ourselves in forming a team with both our client and with our design team — generating exciting, innovative design solutions, identifying shared objectives and managing the build process to deliver on time and on budget.

Plan & Budeget Development

Initial Consult

Our structured process helps us quickly learn about your company / personal goals through a series of questions and facilitated interviews. The outcome of this process is a one- or two-page plan and 3D visualization to help the client envision the final work/design.

Project Execution

Regular Supervision & Consultation

Every project begins with clear design goals and metrics to measure success. We regularly supervise and evaluate the results and make adjustments to achieve the design goals.


Furnishing & Handing over

At this stage, we provide furnishing to meet the tastes of client and hand over the finished project for client to move in.

We are with you from the start of project to the finish providing consultation and supervision every step.