Five Great Interior Design / Decor Tips for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and the hustle and bustle in Accra and across Ghana for shopping for decorations is about to begin. Our head designers have decided to share some trade secrets to sprucing up your home this festive season on a budget with these great DIY decor designs.

1. Dress Up a Twig Tree
Twigs can be found lying everywhere in Ghana and can be a nuisance sometimes but for our design team at YBE Ghana Limited, we believe in using the most mundane elements and giving it room to shine.

This is also an affordable option especially in this Covid-19 era. You can spray paint the twig to your preferred color and accessorize it with mini ornaments. The best part? You don’t have to worry about watering it.

2. Get Playful With Balloons
Ghanaian christmas decorations is never complete without some balloons. Involve the kids and get playful with the balloons for your home.

DIY your own holiday banner by transforming balloons into colorful baubles.

3. Line a Staircase
Your staircase does not have to be left out of the decorations. Add color to the staircase or walkway to your bedroom.

Simply line up your staircase or walkway with battery-operated candles to make sure that Santa can find his way.

4. Add Eucalyptus plant Accents
Don’t be boring with your decorations by using only  pine garlands and wreaths. Experiment with other types of greeny and beautify your space.

5. Light Up the Mantel
Grab a marker, draw simple patterns on paper cups (let the kids join in too), and nestle a candle taper inside each. The result? Lovely holders that add a glow to your space.