What You Need to Know About Container Homes In Ghana Part Two

On one project, my company combined two 40-foot containers to create an office. After transporting the containers to the site, the next thing we did was join the two containers. That meant we had to cut the ends to have a complete whole. After that, we constructed a frame using 2×2 in order to place fiberglass in the container.

Fibreglass or other insulation materials are then used to fill the cavities in the framework in order to insulate the container to prevent heat. Why do we do this? Because Ghana is HUMID and we don’t want anybody dying from the heat.

After the insulator (glass wool or fibreglass) has been installed, the container is ready for cladding. You can use plasterboards, cement boards or plywood for cladding. Note that, the cladding is undertaken after the electrical works & plumbing works are done.

After cladding your container, the next step is to paint and decorate. Before you paint you have to prepare the walls of the container for painting using a putty filler and mesh tape to cover the joints for a smooth finish. Also, this is where you consider the prices of paint, the type of paint, the colour, the design and so on. In the image below, we used line painting because it was clean and simple!

Did I also mention that before you paint you have to cut out parts of the container for the door and windows? You should. You should install the door(s) and windows after painting.

After you have fixed your lights and Air Condition units, you can begin the flooring works. You can use laminate flooring, tiles or carpets. Note that carpets are sold and measured in yards while tiles and wood laminate flooring in square metres.

Once you’re done installing the flooring, your office/home is practically ready. All that’s left is to bring in the furniture and spruce up space how you want and that’s it. You have your very own container home.

Ready to take the plunge into the world of shipping container homes? We’ve compiled a few great designs for your inspiration at the end of this post.