What you need to know about container homes in Ghana

Today we answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on container homes & offices in Ghana and how to get one for yourself.

Q: What Are Shipping Container Homes? First things first, what exactly are shipping container homes?

A. Shipping container homes are homes, offices or other buildings that have been built out of shipping containers. It doesn’t matter if the containers are new or used. All that matters is that shipping containers were used to construct the building.

Q: How Expensive Are Shipping Container Homes?

A. One of the main reasons why people build with shipping containers is because of their affordability. A typical container home can cost less than $80,000. Pricing depends on the design specifications of client.

Q: How Do I Insulate My Shipping Containers?

A. Without a doubt, insulating your containers is one of the most important aspects of the build. If you don’t insulate, or if you get the insulation wrong, then your container home is going to be pretty unbearable. It will be cold during the rainy season and too hot during the dry season.