How to do your Christmas decorations with just Ghc200

Are you on a tight budget this Christmas season? Looking to spruce up your space without breaking the bank?

With Covid-19 affecting business across Ghana, everyone seems to be on a budget these days.

Having our followers at heart, we decided to share some simple tips that will give you that amazing Christmas decor without you breaking the bank.

1. Try your hands on some DIY paper stars.

Paper stars can be a fun and colourful add to your Christmas decorations when done right. There are tons of tutorials online for achieving different paper star looks so go on and try your hands on them.

2. Keep it simple.

Keeping decorations minimal creates a look that is calming and inviting without all the extra accessories, especially when paired with a simple evergreen wreath and a cozy faux fur throw, giving your living room a distinctly modern feel. 

3. Use items in your backyard.

Go to your backyard and store room, you will find some vintage treasure which can be used as a decorative piece in your living space.

Gather a few mason jars and some twigs to recreate this look. Add a few simple ornaments or paper snowflakes and use this arrangement on a coffee table, a buffet, or even as your dinner centerpiece. 

Do feel free to drop a comment or question for us and we will respond.

Happy festive season from the team at Young Black Excellence ( YBE Ghana Limited ).